Brexit – Getting on with Business

July 5, 2016

Rather than showing any sign of settling, the dust that has been blown up by the EU referendum is being swirled about in the political maelstrom that has followed, with the result that it’s almost impossible for anyone to see the wider picture of where we are and what’s going to happen next.

While politicians, Eurocrats and media columnists pontificate over what the most appropriate next steps might be, those of us who run the businesses that generate tax revenues and create employment are left to do what we always do – get on with the job.

The climate of uncertainty in which we’re likely to be for many months, if not longer, won’t make things easy for anyone. There are no obvious answers to the wider situation, and anyone who tries to tell you there are is fooling no-one but themselves.

As everyone knows, uncertainty is the thing that lenders dislike above all else, and it may be the case that accessing funds gets a little more difficult in the immediate future, which is something we’ve also had to deal with in the not too distant past as well.

That said, banks and other lenders will still be looking for places to invest their money, and the safer these places are, the more chance there is of investments taking place. This provides a great chance to work closely with clients to shape and enhance their business plans in ways which we know will appeal to potential lenders.

Perhaps the greatest degree of uncertainty lies around the future of overseas trade, both within EU markets and elsewhere.

Once again, there’s no magic bullet to fire, and the key to maintaining positive working relationships remains the same as it’s always been – ensure all parties are communicating clearly, understand what each wants from the other and acts accordingly to satisfy those requirements.

There will be many more issues arising that impact on the work that we all do, but businesses don’t have the luxury of seemingly endless debate around what happens next – we need to act to keep things moving. By keeping and remaining focussed, we give ourselves the best chance of riding it out in the long term.


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