Don’t waste your money on cyber security measures.

May 29, 2015

As ‘Cyber Security’, or rather the lack of it, features more and more in the news each day, Paul Holborow, Head of RMT Technology at RMT Accountants & Business Advisors, takes a look at what’s causing all the fuss and how you should approach security in your business.

Is it me, or have you noticed an increasing number of stories in the press around ‘cyber security’ lately? New stories seem to reach the press each day. Even the BBC News app has a page dedicated to Cybersecurity, where you can read up on the latest data breaches and scandals. If you are a small business owner, what’s happening and what should you be doing?

Well, what’s happening is that data security is creeping up the index of business risks. Criminals are targeting large corporations and data breaches in small businesses are on the rise too. Even law firms became the subject of the Information Commissioners wrath this year with over 173 firms being the subject of investigation.

Regulation forcing disclosure of breaches is on the horizon, and new regulation for those trading with government departments came in to force in October 2014. Perhaps you’ve noticed your bigger customers beginning to ask questions about what you’re doing to keep data you hold about them secure?
What we’re seeing is cyber security now becoming a real issue for SME’s. The IT industry sees an opportunity. Have you noticed your inbox becoming inundated with the latest new products to boost your defences? Do you need to get them? And if so, which ones and how do you know if you aren’t wasting your money?

In line with our philosophy of providing strategic thought and advice to businesses, it’s our view that you should take a considered and strategic approach to security before spending any money. There is no point making a knee-jerk reaction and buying a security product without thinking of what it is you are trying to protect and where that product fits in your overall security plan. You need to assess what data you keep, where the risks are and what can be remedied first with the most effect. You need a strategic approach to security that looks at the technological solutions identified for your business but also one that puts developing a security culture at the heart of the business. Raising staff awareness, assessing staff compliance and a constant development of security measures is needed.

Common sense you might think? But the problem is this is issue is often outside the comfort zone of owners of businesses. Some steps are simple and cost very little, others will require some investment, but when that time comes, only if you have a sound security plan will you be sure you won’t be wasting your money.

RMT provide strategic advice on cybersecurity for small and medium sized businesses and can provide direction, assistance and support to you to help improve your security. For more information please contact Paul Holborow on 0191 256 9550 or


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