In House Data Networks

Low Disk Space.

This problem has the potential to bring down a corporate network and must be acted on immediately.
DeepSpace® can be used for investigating the causes of low disk space incidences and help identify remedies and prevention.

With DeepSpace®, a network administrator can quickly identify and remove large and unnecessary files and prevent service downtime.

Backup Window.

The time taken to perform data backups increases each day and can begin to overlap work time, impact network performance and affect staff productivity.

DeepSpace® customisable search routines help isolate files which are no longer in use and which can be archived, reducing data volumes and backup times

The IT Budget.

The increasing rate of spend on IT and data storage correlates closely with the growth of the business data footprint.

Therefore, by using DeepSpace® to help reduce the rate of data growth, the ongoing IT budget can also be reduced

Monitor your data growth over time with DeepSpace® and you can more accurately forecast the budget for IT and avoid expensive surprises, A point often missed is that by owning less hardware now, will mean that fewer devices need replacing at end of life in the future.

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