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Working with small businesses for so long has meant we have gained a very acute understanding of what small businesses need and expect from an IT support service. You want the IT to work, you want no-nonsense advice, you don’t want to be sold to but you value expertise when you see it and are prepared to invest when you need to.

Our support team

Our team of Microsoft qualified support engineers have a wide variety of expertise. From how a desktop computer works, server configurations, connecting to the internet and phone systems through to printers and photocopiers, our fully trained staff are up to date and work with clients on a daily basis recommending solutions and fixing issues.

IT Procurement and Installation

We can supply you with the equipment that is needed to fulfil the strategy at very competitive prices or you can source it your self if you prefer. Our engineers provide on-site or remote installation and maintenance services to suit you.

IT Support Call Logging

When systems are in place you may need to call our support desk. Our own Call-logging system allows all support calls logged with us to be tracked and monitored from start to finish in a totally transparent way – clients see progress in dealing with issues every step of the way. This system follows ITIL methodology, the industry standard in call logging procedures.

IT Support Packages

We have developed 4 easy to understand support packages to get you thinking as to what might be right for you. Ultimately though this is just a guide, we can tailor our service to your exact needs.

On Demand Support

Designed for micro-businesses or new start ups that need support for 1 or 2 computers only when things don’t work. This low cost ‘pay-as-you-go’ option allows the very small business to divert resources to where they are needed – in growing your business.

Monitoring Support

Designed for established small businesses, typically employing staff where the IT system needs to be working to keep them productive. Your PCs and servers are monitored daily allowing us to anticipate problems. This service allows you to fix a minimum level of support you require and can be topped up with additional support as and when it’s needed. This allows you to budget for the year ahead whilst ensuring charges reflect the number of incidents and you don’t end up paying for something you haven’t used.

Pro-active Support

Designed for growing small businesses employing more than 10 staff where the IT needs to work and you need more strategic advice on how IT needs to deliver real value to the business. IT audits and infrastructure configurations are included, together with the monitoring of servers and workstations, ½ yearly reviews and planning. Contact us.

Resource Support.

Designed for those businesses who already have an in-house IT expert but who need to call upon additional resources whether it’s just for advice, additional support or to assist delivering a specific project. Contact us.

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