Business Taxation

While tax considerations shouldn’t dominate your business plan, their significance must not be underestimated. Failure to plan and mitigate for them wherever possible, can leave your company unnecessarily hindered or facing unforeseen challenges.

We can advise on the most appropriate vehicle for your business whether it be sole trader, partnership, limited liability partnership or limited company.

With our help you can also breeze through the myriad of forms that new businesses have to file from PAYE to VAT. As the business grows and becomes more profitable we will then tackle the new tax challenges that you face.

  • How can you efficiently extract profit? How can employees be remunerated efficiently given the cost of National Insurance Contributions? What will be the tax implications of a landmark transaction you are set to make?
  • We will alleviate these and any other tax-related concerns through invaluable advice and expert execution of our proven methods.

Before the end of your accounting period we will also look at the opportunities for mitigating the tax liability by taking swift action. As your business develops you may need to re-structure to help the enterprise move forward.

These changes could be triggered by acquisitions, new product lines or segregating non-core parts of the business prior to disposal. They could also have profound effects on the tax liability of the business and careful planning will be necessary to avoid the pitfalls.

Eventually the business may be sold or handed on to the next generation. We can assist in avoiding problems with capital gains tax, VAT, stamp duty and inheritance tax.

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